Snow on Plants and Shrubs? Let Mother Nature Handle it.

Ted Collins Tree and Landscape in Rochester New York provides helpful tips to keep your plants, trees, shrubs, bushes and ornamentals healthy all winter long

Ted Collins Tree and Landscape understands the urge to clean snow off of your plants, shrubs and bushes by hand, but this may cause damage.  Don’t try and remove or knock off snow from you ornamentals and shrubs, let Mother Nature do it.

She is the one that dumped the snow on your plants so letting her remove it during the upcoming thaw will provide much better results.

Trying to remove the snow yourself may cause more damage to the already stressed plants.

Call on our professionals (585-381-9000) to evaluate your plants, tree service is best done in the winter on stressed trees and shrubs.

And, for a list of the services we offer throughout the winter, please visit our Winter Services page.

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